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Plan Sponsor

Through our affiliation with Qualified Plan Advisors (QPA) our Cincinnati Team is providing Plan Sponsors the following services and resources:

  • Full disclosure of all fees
  • Acknowledging fiduciary status in writing as applicable
  • Utilizing "open architecture" platforms and avoiding proprietary fund bias
  • Providing face-to-face participant education
  • Providing professionally managed accounts within your plan

Participant Services

QPA approaches participant education with a face-to-face, "boots-on-the-ground" mentality. We find that participants gain a greater appreciation for their employers sponsorship of a plan, become more engaged in the savings process, and participate at higher rates when the plan sponsor provides education from professional investment advisors. QPA helps to accomplish those results through our comprehensive participant services, such as:

  • Re-enrollment
  • Risk Tolerance Questionnaire
  • Group and on-on-one meetings
  • Employee Gap Analysis
  • Employer Gap Analysis

These services are important, but even more important is our commitment to providing them in person. Rather than send participants to a website for all of their education, we bring the education to your participants.

Consulting Services

  • QPA Provides a large selection of consulting services including:
  • ERISA 3 (21) co-fiduciary services
  • Plan design review and maintenance
  • RFP Management and vendor searches
  • Plan Sponsor Fiduciary training modules
  • Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Program design and investment management

Fiduciary Services

"Fiduciary Complete" has been built as one of the most comprehensive Fiduciary packages in the financial services industry.
Our in-house expertise has partnered with some of the industry's leading experts to develop the following list of services:

  • ERISA 3(38) Investment Manager
  • A Fiduciary Services Agreement, disclosing all fees and service commitments in writing
  • Investment Policy Statement, with specific selection criteria
  • Face-to-face quarterly or semi-annual Fiduciary review with committee or trustees
  • Quarterly funds analysis
  • A dedicated service team, with, at a minimum, an ERISA attorney, Plan Design Specialist, Investment Advisory Committee Member, Participant Services coordinator and a dedicated service team member.
  • "First-Party" affirmative ERISA coverage (i.e. Fiduciary Insurance)

Managed Account Services*

QPA also serves as a fiduciary investment manager under ERISA 3(38) with respect to participant accounts invested in one of five distinct actively managed account strategies by our Investment Advisory Committee. These managed account services offer actively managed, risk based portfolios (Aggressive Growth, Growth, Conservative Growth, Income, Conservative Income) for participants seeking professional assistance. These services offer specific benefits, such as:

  • Required risk assessment
  • Professional, active management
  • Auto-pilot (Rebalancing)
  • Flexibility
  • Comfort in professional management
  • Economies of scale

* Please consult our Managed Account Services brochure for additional information.

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